Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Well, I got an answer on Mirror, Mirror today. That's two agents and two nos. They declined for different reasons. The first didn't think it was Sci-Fi enough for his market, and that I should aim more towards Lit-Fic. He was very positive about my prose and my writing style. The second agent was also complimentary, but was thrown at part 2, when Mark and Miranda swap places, i.e. when it floats into the fantasy realm.

I've had too many good comments to give up on it, but it is definitely frustrating. Probably the next course of action is to go through my YFoW comments and implement them. I need a break from it, though, so stay tuned.

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Tony James Slater said...

That's great news though - the vast majority of rejections are form letters, giving no indication as to why the MS was considered unsuitable. I've collected a fair few of these myself! It wasn't till the current re-draft that I started seeing personalized rejections; I think that means you're onto something! They honestly wouldn't bother with that level of detail if they didn't believe in the work - it obviously isn't to their tastes, but they must recognize it's potential or they wouldn't take the time to tell you what put them off. Keep going, I say!
Good luck,