Sunday, 10 April 2011

Side projects

I finally finished one of my side projects, a story that has obsessed me for a month or so, but is completely useless and unpublishable. Now I can start getting serious again, but where do I start?

I've been thinking about revisiting The White Room, which was conceived as the first book of The Ark Project. It was about 2/3 through, but it needs a total rewrite. The prequel (The Ark Project) needs some minor reworking, too, so I might work on that a little as well. I need to add a scene or two in the middle. The narrative sags there a little, so I need to pep it up a bit.

The White Room will have to be my main focus until I hear back from an agent about Mirror, Mirror. I may have to fit in some reworking of that, too. There is another side project that will demand some time, at some point, but Mirror, Mirror may dictate what I do with that (top secret) project.

I should also write and submit a few short stories to get my name out there more.

Decisions, decisions.


g.fenge said...

Always amazed at your multiple projects - hope one of them gets you some success!

Stephen Ferre said...

Thanks. I rewrote half of the first chapter of The White Room over the weekend. It's much better now.