Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Last Train

waiting for the last train
alone on a moonless night
it's late
I'm late

a fruitless evening, a waste
no reason to hurry
I thought we'd catch dinner, a film
I thought we'd catch each other

an hour by the frozen steps
Wellington's plinth, our rendezvous
too cold to wait,
but wait I did

a simple explanation, maybe
your cell was off
I gave you time,
time to think

it was what you wanted
peace, quiet, away from it all
breathing space
cavernous space

I put myself in a box
hid the key for you
you lost it,
I'm lost, too

an empty platform, a broken heart
trains each way, none stop
15 minutes, it says -
said that 15 minutes ago

home will be an empty place
when I get there ... if
train coming now
train still going

three minutes, two, one, nothing
must be invisible, no sign
more text ... wait!
"Train cancelled."