Monday, 30 June 2008

when the rain comes, gently

the forgotten sunset
a burnt umbra crayon
I never used
a half-broken promise
reflected in a fractured mirror

whirlwind shards of truth
buried in a frozen deception
those selfish lies
silent accusations stir
an icy drizzle of resentment

when the rain comes, gently
our temperatures falling
lost innocence
simmers over a low flame
it’s never over when it ends

Sunday, 22 June 2008

a dark night in a never-ending past

should have been the best
a little red candle
burning bright
exorcising spirits

gone, the inferno of torment
peace, resolution

not ours

missing, the fiery passion
that bound us
replaced by regret
new ghosts

strife, where there was none
distrust, a cancer of doubt


couldn't have been worse
a love destroyed
regrets of a dark night
in a never-ending past