Monday, 30 June 2008

when the rain comes, gently

the forgotten sunset
a burnt umbra crayon
I never used
a half-broken promise
reflected in a fractured mirror

whirlwind shards of truth
buried in a frozen deception
those selfish lies
silent accusations stir
an icy drizzle of resentment

when the rain comes, gently
our temperatures falling
lost innocence
simmers over a low flame
it’s never over when it ends


Athena said...

This is lovely. Especially the last line! *sigh*

Romeo said...

what is this about?

Atlanta Carter said...

Speaking generally, it's about conflict and relationships. The last line is the most important.

Anonymous said...

Its a lovely poem. Says everything about how im feeling. Wish i had wrote it.

Anonymous said...

When's your next poem coming AC?

Atlanta Carter said...

December is when I write most of my poetry for some reason, so expect something around Christmas. I'm still writing stories and stuff.

You know the usual places.

Atlanta Carter said...

I might post part of the novel I'm working on here soon.

Anonymous said...

Can you send me the link to your site again pls, the one you asked me to look at before i went on my holidays.
I havent had a lot of time to myself these days but have been meaning to return to it.

I will look forward to your December poem and your OOOOO so hot stories ;)
Night x

Anonymous said...

Thanks...Im so lazy to go to WC

docker said...

Hey, hey hey
Tag you're it and other childhood expressions.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas AC.