Tuesday, 30 December 2008

still there

it all swirls, swirls
spiraling round and round

losing contact, no contact
I'm out, quite out
cold, almost

remember that day, what day?
when I, yes when we ...
forgot ... who?

wipe it out, clean out
quick, write it down, deep down ...
no, lost it ...

grandfather clock, tick-tock, tick-tock
time keeps on passing, it's passing,

all those memories, blissful memories
obscured by fog, thick fog
endless night

pocket watch swinging, still swinging
I'm sleepy, very sleepy
untie the

knot I'm bound by, bound
in loving oblivion, sweet oblivion
take me home

that summer, going, going
now it's gone, long gone

like her smile, kind smile
those gray eyes, bright eyes
that dark night

it goes around, comes around
back to her, not her!

what I try to forget, must forget
no matter how I try and try
she's still there


Anonymous said...

AC im glad you are back and with another beautifully expressed poem.
Memories - sometimes we would rather forget than remember, but the more we try to push them from our mind the more insistent they become.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year AC :)