Saturday, 28 January 2012

This Summer

I'm now moved in and have already taught for two weeks. Soon I'll be able to settle down and write ... well, hold on ...

I've been informed that this summer two of my arrangements will be premiered at Per Nørgård's 80th birthday concerts. Of course, that assumes that I finish one of them (don't worry, Michael). There is still lot's of time, and I'm working on it now. The other is Bach to the Future, which was supposed to be premiered last year, but was postponed due to a schedule conflict. So, it will be off to Copenhagen.

In the meantime, that will delay work on my piano concerto, but I'm still hoping to finish by the summer. The piece is about 60% there, and I've already arranged half of that. I just need to finish the arrangement, fill a hole in the middle and write the ending. Easy, right?

My other writing may have to wait. There are just too many things happening right now.

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