Sunday, 7 August 2011

The White Room

I've been uninspired lately, so I've been revisiting The White Room. I originally wrote it in five parts, each in first person from the point-of-view of five different characters. Part two is a heavy action part, and I have never felt comfortable writing it in that style, which is probably why I never finished the book. Part 5 is action, too, so same problem.

I'm rewriting in third person, but I'm changing the focus character in each chapter. These are shorter now, and I'm near the end of the third, which is about half way through the original second chapter. (Each part is about six chapters.) It's slow going, but it allows me to step out of the head of a very self-absorbed character.

I'm also prefacing each chapter with "quotes" from "archive material" written by each character. I've done that in the latest version of The Ark Project to fix various problems, and it seems logical here, too.

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