Monday, 14 September 2009


Note to self:

1. Write a note to yourself.

2. OK, that was easy. I want to write a new story. This is the real note-to-self. I have an idea about a story that involves an invisible friend. She isn't an ordinary invisible friend. She's someone who the protagonist meets when she is five years old. The invisible friend stays 5 while the protagonist ages. The IF is prescient, and can jump around in time (and space?) - past, present and future. She helps the protagonist through problems, personal issues, etc. Those I haven't decided on yet. She is wise, yet cynical - and is occasionally economical with the truth.

The IF might be a sliver of the protagonist's soul that broke off, so they have remarkable similarities, likes and dislikes, but they don't look alike. I'll figure out a reason for this later. I also need to figure out an event that cause the soul to split. I also need to decide whether to put it back together. (Probably not.)

3. Don't think in public, it might get messy.

4. Practise your damn trombone, you've got a bunch of gigs coming up.

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